Fashion Place Holiday Market for Salt & Honey SHOP SMALL!

For all of my neighbors you may have heard about the candle company my husband and I started in 2018 that is encompassed around suicide prevention and mental health.

We give 15% back to the AFSP [American Foundation for Suicide Prevention & Awareness] who puts on the walks & are always actively working to get resources and track analytics as far as impacts and causes regarding the epidemic of suicide prevention and awareness. We chose them because they area non profit and very transparent about where all their resources go and we felt that they were making major headway in breaking stigmas and providing mental health first aid certifications and more.

We have a special collection of candles set up at the Fashion Place mall in Murray, right next to Sur La Table, and parking wise you can go in through the mall entrance and head left or you can go through Forever 21.

Lots of makers and lots of candles we didn't expect to have so many other non local brands with products in their so we are going today to try to set up the booth area we have to be more Christmas eccentric.

We will be there another week so please spread the love, go in and support Be:Light Candle Co, we are in the back of the store on the right wall. We have difference sizes and specific scents we created for this market.
We want them all sold out by next week so PLEASE help us to do that!

The statistics for Utah and suicide are huge and it is really our passion to be able to spread as much hope and light through this candle business as we can. We want to get masks, buttons, and merch but those things realistically won't be rolled out probably until the new year.

COVID has hit us hard as a family and as a business so the more you can shop with family and friends, and support our brand, you are supporting more than just a small business and a dream, you are literally being hope in the dark to shine awareness and bring the stigma of suicide and mental health, addiction, and all the things in that triad go together so please connect with us!

This set up is just a standing booth so we won't be there, we pop in on and off but are trying to do all we can to help make sure the products don't go to waste because we really are kind of bummed that our display is all the way in back & there are other candle companies who aren't local that are selling their stuff closer to the front.

We know Salt Lake is small so I have no doubt that the good you do buy supporting us will come around and have more mental health resources available for 2021 and that is something we want to work on sharing, but also have to be able to profit from the fees we already put into so many events this year that haven't given as much of a return.

You are also more than welcome to shop online on our website, and follow us on Instagram: @belightcandleco // has a review option for brands and those are super helpful so the more we come together as a community to help one another the more we will be able to pour into our local community in shopping small and all working together to make our best lives despite the hardship Covid 19 has brought on all of us.

Have Hope In Hardship;
-Taylor & Matt Lamb | BE:LIGHT Candle Co


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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