BE:LIGHT Clothing

Our candles are a great conversation starter and we know that, in part, it's the talking about mental health and suicide prevention itself that is the first step in ending the stigmas that surround it. At the same time; walking around carrying a candle with you as you go through your day to day activities, we realize, is simply not the easiest or by an means an ideal feat to accomplish- especially all just in the hopes of starting a conversation. So we thought, "what can we do and how else can we help people to casually bring up something so important  that it could save someone's life?and then that's when it struck us - MERCHANDISE! Everyone wears clothes (sometimes less than others) and "fashion" itself is almost always the topic of at least one of the many top trending news stories these days, so we thought why not throw our hat in the ring too?!

If there's a chance someone is going to talk about what you're wearing - why not have it be something that you, in turn, have something to talk back to them about?  

Of course, it's also a really great way to simply show some love to and represent your favorite candle company. You can rest assured knowing that since we are going all in and doing this; it's going to be done in excellence and with intentionality - meaning that the clothing is going to be quality made and comfortable & it's going to look cool as well (of course)!

We are proud to introduce to you-  BE:LIGHT Clothing. 

Get your special discounted BE:LIGHT long sleeve shirt by pre-ordering today! This is just the first one of what we aim to be many new designs and pieces, so keep your eyes on the prize and your ear to the ground!