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Collection: SEASONAL SCENTS // Spring 2019 | COLLECTION

We've hand selected and mixed these spring-time-ish scents, and we hope they tantalize you as much as they have us. Scents were specifically inspired and influenced by the adventures of seasons' changing and all that comes with it - from wafting through the sorrow of something ending yet at the same time feeling entrenched in eager excitement & expectancy of something completely new coming forth from the prior season(s)... Sometimes, on the journey of life our progression looks and feels much like what happens in reality of winter changing to spring in some parts of the country.

Sometimes the prior season unexpectedly pops in; like a snowfall in the beginning of April or a nice warm sunny 72 degrees in March- both not normal yet not abnormal either; in that way it may or may not be a part of the process of the seasons' changing, regardless of what we do.

Either way, we've learned to choose to view those random interjections of the past as an intersection instead of an interruption; and we now have the opportunity to pick which direction we go as we continue to move forward on the journey; onward & upward- into something new.   

Woah, got a little deep there.

We think you're going to love these scents!

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