“What’s good?”

  .  .  .I was recently asked on social media by an old friend that I haven’t seen or talked to in YEARS. And it wasn’t as though what he said was bizarre or out of place, but for some reason it got me thinking...  not just about the phrase "what's good?"  as a greeting, but just got me thinking overall. 

Thinking about what are some good things…. TBH (which means "to be honest", as my lovely wife @mrstaylorlamb told me to start saying yesterday); so- TBH; besides our Lord’s free grace and constantly new mercies every day; well, sometimes it doesn’t seem like much else is good these days... but when I actually sat down to think of some things that I think are “good”…  my mind wandered and... well, if you're going to read them - please take your pharisee hat off prior and put the stones in your hands down; then you can gladly continue. Here’s what I came up with.




** side note** I wrote this for myself originally, (well technically as a reply to my friend via social media...) but anywho; I decided to read it out loud to my wife as we were out having a drink together for the first time in over a year at a local spot we had NOT yet tried but was practically right around the corner - shout out to @waterwitch (which is ahmahzeenngggg btw) and after reading it all, she asked me casually but with interest, “who wrote that?” to which then I replied “me”… and then she excitedly encouraged me (in that way which is also equal part BOSSY)  to do something with it... and at the very least, start writing again more often. So it may just be a pipe dream, but I'd like to think that if she was to write out a “what’s good” list, that just maaaaaaaybe ... something like,  "my husband's writing" ... would be found somewhere on that list. Just a thought  ; ) 

- matt