End of 2019 Round Up

Hello lovely friends reading this!

I wanted to recap this whole last year and just remember all the amazing things we have gotten to witness in our state and country regarding mental health and suicide awareness and prevention. 

If you are local or live in Salt Lake City you can get involved by going to the AFSP website and sign up for the newsletters. February 13th there will be a advocacy meeting at the Capitol in the capitol board room, from 9-3pm. If you want to "register" you can, although I'm not sure if its necessary that you have to, like a mandate.

As we get ready to release the donation numbers from 2019 we want to thank each and everyone of you Any of you that sharee our posts, tagged us, especially those that biought candles and have given and encouraged and fought side by side with us to be light. 

Everyday We Must Fight To Be Light,

Taylor Lamb

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