Our Story

this  is   O  U  R   story... 

Well where do we even begin? Well for starters I guess you could say we love candles; but more than that - we love people. All people... So yes, that means You, as well as the person sitting in the cafe you're in across from you at another table, the people busy working in the building across the street, everyone sweating away the weight over at the gym, some teenagers sitting around a fire pit along a lakeside beach in a mountain town, and its people like you that we hope find magic glimmer of hope in our candles....  not only help you create a beautiful memory using your strongest sense - your ability to smell... but on top of that we hope to encourage you to make the most of every moment; believing for miracles admis the mundane - we live in a world where beauty can rise from dust, and proof of that is you; because whether you realize it yet or not, you are amazing.  In fact, we believe every single one of us was created to BE:LIGHT and to shine the light of hope in this world we live in. Because hope is no secret to be kept; so we're going public with it. Like a spotlight at an awards show or a city on a hill. ///// I know you may not feel like you've got much shine in you - most of us have felt that way; but it's not true. No matter where you've been, no matter what you've done, (nor what was done to you) -  Y O U  were made to SHINE.

//////////////  We give 15% of every sale made at BE:LIGHT to suicide prevention and awareness. #EverydayWeMustFightToBeLIGHT ////////////////

So not only are these candles eco friendly - so that they burn clean and even, so there's no soot or headache fumes, and they are our way of showing the world that just like the candle - poured into what was previously a cocktail glass that could've been used as the object that caused someone to take that one too many drinks that led to the poor decision that altered the course of their life... but now, it's being used to shine light physically when you light it in a dark space, and at the same time, you get to BE:LIGHT figuratively through your purchase - by helping us give 15% of your sale to the ASFP; TOGETHER we are shining bright the light of hope near and far!  So we're a couple of candle makers, but really, we see BE:LIGHT as more than eco friendly delicious smelling candles that fit any room or occasion with their beautifully minimal design style - but BE:LIGHT is more than just a #candle4acause... we see this more like building a community; and there's no stigmas here, everyone is welcomed to shine with us. It's time that those without a voice have someone make some noise for them. This is more than candles - this is a movement: we want to turn off the dark!  Suicide has spread her wings of darkness far enough - but we can't do it on our own; we need you - because we are always brighter when we shine T O G E T H E R. Established in 2018, we have only just barely gotten started. So as we rally our tribe, will you join us? Everyday we must fight to BE:LIGHT. 


- Matt & Taylor Lamb