Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax
Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax
Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax
Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax
Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax

Pumpkin Firewood Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax

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Pumpkin Firewood  Candle | 100% Non GMO Soy Wax/Repurposed Glass/Natural, Non Toxic Oils | Hand Poured in Salt Lake City, UT | 15% of every sales goes towards suicide prevention #candles4acause

This candle scent is infused with natural essential oils, including Cinnamon, Clove, Amber Noir

Note Profile:

Top: Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin

Middle:   Applewood, Anise, Guaiac Wood

Base: Wood, Smoke, Vanilla Bean, Black Amber, Myrrh

This candle scent was birthed from the part of us that loves pumpkin spice lattes - but knows and respects that the PSL is only seasonal. While we love a good PSL, we wanted something a little less “basic” and a little more “manly” - enter our Pumpkin Firewood scented candle! This candle is truly unique.  It has an almost rugged quality about it, but also a very smooth & sophisticated quality at the same time. With top notes of roasted pumpkin, almost an “allspice” cologne blend of spices and citron; then onto middle notes of Guaiac wood, star anise & even notes of Applewood, this candle is given a totally different spin.  And then we have bottom notes of Charred Firewood, Black Amber, and Myrrh to give it a depth that is nothing short of fabulous. 

Pumpkin Firewood  is warm and spicy, yet also king of "pretty" and sophisticated.  This is one candle that you can & will want to burn all throughout the year - which is why we also call it; our “year around pumpkin” scent. You and the man in your life simply must try this one! 


Candle Care: Soy Wax burns approx. 9 hrs per 1 ounce of soy wax, we recommend for maximum candle life and consistent scent vibrancy; burn for no more than 4 hours at a time & trim wick if needed to keep it no more than 1/4 inch in length above wax

15% of every sale goes to supporting Suicide Prevention & Awareness.


If you or someone you know is thinking about or talking about suicide, please call The National Hotline for Suicide Prevention. Someone is available 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week toll free at 1-800-273-8255


H O P E   IS   REAL   

+   T  O  G  E  T  H  E  R   

  W E    C A N    HEAL       


BE:LIGHT Candle Company
100% Soy Wax / Repurposed Glass & Containers / Natural, Non Toxic Oils
Each Candle is Individually Hand Poured in Salt Lake City, Utah
Vanillin Content - 0% & PHTHALATE FREE
Vegan Friendly / Cruelty Free
Soy Wax produced in American farms and grown NON GMO


*NOTE* Rocks Glasses or glass jars can be cleaned out when candle is burnt down and done; and without any worry of toxicity you can re-purpose the glass or jar to drink out of or decorate it and store stuff inside... either way tag us @belightcandleco so we can see what creative way you took a candle and then turned it into something else entirely - we know you've got greatness inside of you. We know YOU were made to shine! .... OR you can save it; because comig soon we are going to announce the address of a designated drop off location where we can then pick them up and refill them for only a fraction of the original cost! So make sure you sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date about things like the refill program, as well as updates on other mental health benefit events around Utah, and of course hear about anything BE:LIGHT related.